Dark nights dotted with floating fireflies, twelve metres of thick, black hair and a river that holds the memories of a thousand hearts. Gone are the days of blood and war, now only her tale carries on. Gifted with 12 metres of hair, she bathes in the river of Iraya and trawls for the soul-less bodies who once lived at the heart of her beloved town, in hopes of serving their souls and their families the justice they deserved. Will they find their justice? Will the Fish-Hair Woman find hers?
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On November 2014, DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild, in its 48th season, will bring you last season’s most successful and much anticipated production, “Fish-Hair Woman”, written by acclaimed contemporary Philippine-Australian writer Merlinda Bobis. Adapted on stage by Carlos Palanca awardee and renowned playwright Rody Vera with original songs by Dodjie Fernandez. Directed by the guild’s artistic director and ALIW awards nominee Romualdo “Raffy” Tejada. The second run of “Fish-Hair Woman” is still a theatre in a round type of stage, helping the audience experience the show at an intimate level and become part of their world.
Estrella, the Fish-Hair Woman follows the fireflies to bathe her hair into the nearby river of Iraya where the dead bodies of those who once stood and fought for their humble town were thrown into the water. There, she trawls the dead from the water using her 12 meter hair. The unnamed bodies trapped forever into the memories of those who remained. The Fish-Hair Woman’s reality lies within the tales running around Stella’s now blissful head and the only way to give justice is through her words printed in ink. Only her words give life to the memories that haunts her still.
Where is truth? Where is peace? Fish-Hair Woman will be performed on stage at the Teresa Yuchengco Auditorium, De La Salle University, on November 19, 4:30pm; November 20, 6:30pm; November 21, 10:30am, 3pm, and 6:30pm; and November 22 10:30am 3:00pm and 6:30pm. Tickets are available for P250 for Lasallian students and a regular price of P300 for external audiences. For inquiries, contact Geordina Carla Uy at 0917 6563 401. Visit the DLSU Harlequin Theatre Guild Facebook page for more details.